About Ramona…

Welcome. My name is Ramona. I love the experience of smoking cigars. I feel that smoking a cigar is a slow, intimate, sensual process, not something to be rushed.

I am not writing from the perspective of an expert, but merely sharing my thoughts about how smoking a great cigar touches all my senses….

This blog consists of a few different items: a bi-weekly cigar review, an educational section, an advice column, quotes, a photo gallery, and a way to contact me.

Review: While there are many different aspects to consider while enjoying a fine cigar, of utmost importance to me is how smooth a cigar is. Yes – smooth.
How does it feel as I put my lips on the end and slowly draw the smoke into my mouth? How does the smoke taste as it lingers on my palate? Am I enjoying the experience as I exhale the smoke and watch the thick white plume fill the air around me? Does the sensual aroma of fine tobacco permeating the smoke-filled room evoke a feeling of satisfaction? If you enjoy these sensations, then join me for a bi-weekly review of delicious cigars, if not, than smoking is not for you.

Pairings: My pairings will involve an array of foods and beverages that will compliment the flavor of the cigar, further embracing the senses.

Educational section: Even if you smoke every day, many people do not understand the basic facts about what they are doing and how their experience can be greatly improved with a bit of knowledge. Don’t worry, it will be painless, humorous, include a few good pics, and if you don’t want to be an idiot all your life, then just read the damn thing.

Ask Ramona/ advice column: Assuming this blog will be predominantly read by men, let’s be real: you bozos need a woman’s opinion about the stupid things you might be doing in your relationships. Stop seeking advice from your male friends (who are also clueless). Instead, just ask me anonymously.

Quotes: There are millions of great quotes related to smoking cigars and I will share some of them with you. Feel free to send me some unusual quotes of your own.

Photo gallery: Every week when I post a new review I will post a few pics of myself. The pics from previous weeks will be moved into the photo gallery.

Contact page: There’s a form here where you can send me an email.

I love getting replies to my posts, so go ahead and voice your opinion. Click the FOLLOW button, enter your email address and let me know your thoughts….

A Beautiful Cigar Touches All Of My Senses…

Love You, Ramona

8 comments on “About Ramona…
  1. James Dean says:

    I just love to watch a lovely lady like you Ramona smoking a fine cigar, it turns me on ! Sitting at the beach next to you while you enjoy the aroma of a tasty cigar. That’s what I call an extra fine lady ! I’m grateful to writing this to you. Enjoy smoking those lovely cigars. With love !


  2. Fresh Altobellis says:

    How do I find a female companion that enjoys cigar smoking & I smoke cigars in a meershaum slanted cigar holder pipe?


  3. Les says:

    and what about cigar during sex?


    • TheCigarLady says:

      HI Les,
      Smoking during sex? I think that might be a bit much….. Unless your woman wants to go down on you while you sit in a comfortable chair smoking a cigar-that’s a great idea.
      have fun-Love, Ramona


      • Bob Haley says:

        Dearest Ramona
        A true gentleman should reciprocate. A fine sexual women who absolutely love a great cigars seat on a leather chair in her most sexy outfit with her man loving on her womanhood. That my dream to do.
        Respectfully in the leaf Bob


      • Patrick says:

        I think he meant exactly what he wrote, not just oral sex but having a sex with a woman smoking a cigar who give him his life experience he’ll never forget: long smoky kisses, exhales blown in the face, in this mouth, everywhere..


  4. Anonymous says:

    Not much better than a good cigar on the golf course


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