New Candle: Smokey Sensations

Painstakingly procured from exotic scents, perfumes and spices from around the world, I’ve created a candle that will sweetly, subtlety and sensuously enhance any room in your home.  By blending elixir of cedar and other rare herbs and botanicals that will be especially appreciated by those who know the pleasure of a fine cigar smoking. Smokey Sensations has been crafted to enhance and not ‘mask’ those fragrant notes that we cigar smokers truly enjoy. And those who aren’t not smokers will love the aroma as well because the scent compliments the smell of cigar tobacco.

Handmade from the highest quality natural palm wax for an even burn and balanced fragrance, this nine ounce dual cotton wick candle provides a quality and slow burn not attainable from discount store candles.

A Sensual Fragrance To Touch Your Senses…Fill Your Room With My Gourmet Scent Of: SMOKEY SENSATIONSLove, Ramona

Only $24.95