Background: This smooth, sultry cigar is produced by Bill Paley, Jr.
in Little Havana, Miami at the El Titan de Bronze factory.


Mr. Paley came from a wealthy background and over the years has been involved in a wide variety of career interests, but like his father and grandfather, he returned to the incredible industry of tobacco. The La Palina brand was founded by his grandfather and building upon his family’s legacy, he created The La Palina Goldie collection, an amazing boutique cigar.


Although La Palina Cigars releases a new size in the Goldie Series each year, the unique blend remains consistent.
Like the familiar caress of a good woman, you can enjoy it again and again.
2015’s size is the 6 1/10” x 50 Robusto Extra. Since it is a limited edition, some retailers are already sold out of their inventory.

Only 20,000 cigars have been released (2,000 boxes of 10).

I am fortunate enough to have found this rare cigar at my favorite shop, and I am even now taking long, sensual puffs on this wonderful cigar.
It has a smoking time of 1 ½ to 2 hours and I am savoring every moment.


Each release features the unique fan-pigtail cap, which is the signature of Maria Sierra, who is considered one of the best rollers in the world and works exclusively forLa Palina.  It is amazing that each individual cigar in this exclusive line is rolled by one woman.

They are carefully shipped in a custom-formed box that cradles the cigar and protects the cap from damage.

Remember, a beautiful cigar touches all of my senses

In order for this reviewer to select a cigar more than once it must have one attribute that is more important than any other:
IT MUST BE SMOOTH. I don’t like it harsh or abrasive; I like it smooth……

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano. This wrapper is beautiful, a medium golden-brown color. The wrapper produces a scent of fresh cream. It’s not dark or oily; it’s smooth and creamy, just the way I like it. There must always be foreplay, and a beautiful wrapper sets the tone for the sensual experience to come…
Binder: Ecuadorian
-Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua. The rare Medio Tiempo leaf is incorporated into this filler.
-Size: 6 1/10” x 50
-Strength: The La Palina website characterizes this cigar as Medium/Full. My professional opinion places it toward more towards medium, however.


FLAVOR: After lighting, I immediately taste a creamy sweetness, followed by notes of nut and wood…not a dark, heavy woody taste,
but rather just enough wood to make it pleasurable. The La Palina Goldie is one of the smoothest blends I have ever smoked.
The flavor, construction, and burn of this cigar are excellent, but most importantly I can feel its velvety smoothness.  If it feels this good, then I will have to take it all the way to completion……
It remains smooth and creamy all the way down to the final third; it’s never harsh, not one bit. It retains its great flavor to the nub.


RETRO-HALE: Retro-hale is so smooth that I want to do it over and over. So I do.


ASH/SMOKE: Ash is light in color and bit flaky (like some men I have dated). It produces a good amount of light-colored smoke. The smoke in the air around me unquestionably adds to the ambience of the room. A nonsmoker sitting nearby may be drawn to me, wanting to take the conversation to the next level, or they may be bitchy and complain; a clear indication that they are not a lover of cigars, in which case they are beneath notice.


Mr. Paley describes the Goldie as “a tribute to women working in the cigar industry”. The cigar is named after a woman (his paternal grandmother), made by a woman, in a factory run by a woman; the national sales director for La Palina cigars is also a woman, so who better to appreciate it than me?  I am a woman (refer to the photos if you are unsure). I do not work in the industry, but with my sensual love of smoking cigars, the La Palina Goldie and I are a perfect match. Like the excitement at the beginning of a new relationship, it’s thrilling; the union of Ramona and Goldie is making me tingle….I may soon explode with passion.


VALUE: The retail price of this cigar is $18.00, excluding it from the list of cigars I can afford to smoke on a daily basis. Since I base my cigar selection on my mood on a given day, I would definitely pick this cigar to improve my outlook on a rough day. After I make love, the smooth draw of this cigar would add even more enjoyment to my already heightened senses. After sharing such intimacy with another person, I would gladly spend an hour or two appreciating this cigar; it will be burning and I will be glowing.


RAMONA’S FINAL THOUGHTS: (From a review in Cigar Aficionado [Nov./Dec. 2012] by David Savona:) “Mr. Paley doesn’t quite grasp the tasting note concept, doesn’t taste the hints of coffee bean or the wisp of leather others get when they smoke cigars. He prefers to find harmonies in his cigars. ‘A cigar to me is like a piece of music. It can have a lot of elements, it can be orchestral.’”


Personally, I love the fact that Mr. Paley “doesn’t quite grasp the tasting note concept,” as many people do not.  Many cigar lovers read reviews and chuckle at the description of the flavors provided by the reviewer; notes of onion, smoked meat, floral undertones, deep substantial earth, maple syrup…..
To me, it is not important to be able to taste every individual note; what’s important is to get an overall taste and feeling from a cigar. You must let the cigar have an effect on all your senses.
Smoking it must make you feel good, both in reality and in the secret place where your erotic fantasies hide.


In this world of mayhem, sharing two hours of my time with this cigar is time well spent.

This cigar is smooth and encompasses all of my senses…
…Love, Ramona

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