BACKGROUND: The Nica Puro Rosado was unveiled just a few months ago and is a new addition to the Nica Puro line from Alec Bradley.

Following the sale of his family’s hardware business, Alan Rubin used the profits to create a cigar company which he named after his two children. Initially, the company did not enjoy much success, but a few years later Mr. Rubin hired a cigar-savvy man named Ralph Montero and they started making a new line of cigars called “Occidental Reserve.”
Since that time the company has been thriving, and the “Prensado” was named the #1 cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado Magazine in 2011. The company is based in Dania Beach, Florida and uses tobacco grown solely from Nicaragua, hence the name of this particular cigar: Nica Puro.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Rosado Colorado. This rich-tasting, light colored golden wrapper adds an abundance of complexity to the taste of this cigar. The flavorful Colorado wrapper is what distinguishes it from the existing Nica Puro line, and it gives this cigar a smoother smoke than its predecessors. Let’s remember the baseline Ramona uses to rate her cigars: how smooth they are. I like it smooth…… If I smoke a cigar that isn’t smooth, I will not smoke it again for very long time. (Though I’ll always give it a second chance.)

Binder: Nicaraguan (Double Binders). Double-binding seems to be all the rage this year. This is probably the fifth or sixth cigar I’ve seen that mentions double-binding.
Filler: Nicaraguan, grown in Jalapa, Esteli, and Condega.
Strength/Body: Full. This cigar is described as Medium/Full, but I consider it Full. Like me, it is full-bodied and full of flavor…… Smooth, succulent, sweetly-scented, juicy…… and it tastes sooo good. Feel the excitement in your body as smoking it envelops all your senses.
Vitola: The Nica Puro Rosado is manufactured in 6 sizes, and all of the sizes come in 20-count boxes. The torpedo is my favorite….. it’s just the right size and feels nice and firm as I clench it tightly in my hand.
Price: $8.00
Blender: Alan Rubin; owner of Alec Bradley


FLAVOR/ STRENGTH: The Nica Puro Rosado encompasses a medley of complex Nicaraguan flavors that mingle in my mouth with full-flavored taste. The initial puffs have an earthy, spicy flavor which remains consistent throughout the length of the cigar. The earthy notes are distinct and dominating (and sometimes I like it that way), remaining on my palate until I draw again. This cigar doesn’t leave any bitterness on my tongue; just some pleasant, tingling spice in the back of my mouth. Nice and smooth…
Like I said, it’s full-bodied; it starts off strong and it stays strong. This is a beautiful blend of Nicaraguan tobacco that will satisfy both novice and complex palates. Women are also beautiful and complex: no two are exactly alike…. some are novices, and some can get down and satisfy the most complex, erotic fantasies for their man. Those women who cannot may want to step up their game.


PRE-LIGHT AROMA: Before lighting the Nica Puro Rosado, the firm shaft and evenly-cut foot provide a generous aroma of earthiness and spice. The pre-light aroma provides an accurate indication of what is to come………


THE BURN: I have to say, I fell in love with the Nica Puro Rosado. I’ve been enjoying them all week, but I have to admit that I’ve had a problem keeping them going. Similar to a man finishing “prematurely,” this cigar stops smoldering long before I am done with it. The one I smoked yesterday had to be relit four times before I reached the wet, rounded nub. I know it was stored at the proper humidity level, and I know I was drawing on it hard enough – everyone should know how to suck something to get it nice and hard – but nevertheless I had to touch it up repeatedly.


RETRO-HALING: Don’t EVEN tell me that you’ve tasted a cigar if you’re not retro-haling. As we are all aware, I involve all my senses when I smoke….. and the combination of taste and smell is imperative in differentiating the variety of flavors on my palate. Retro-haling allows the smoke to travel through the back of the throat into the nasal cavity. It is not at all like exhaling cigarette smoke through your nose, as retro-haling bypasses the lungs. Channeling the smoke through the nasal cavity and expelling it through your nose greatly increases the number of aromatic molecules that are exposed to the olfactory nerve where your sense of smell is perceived. If you need assistance learning this technique, there are many fine instructional videos available on YouTube. So go watch one and fucking learn something.


PAIRING: The beautiful color of the Rosado Colorado wrapper exquisitely pairs with my pink lip gloss, which complements my pink tank top and coordinates beautifully with my moist pink…..


Remember: A Beautiful Cigar Touches All My Senses… and this cigar has touched my luscious wet lips every day for the last week. MMMmmm….


RAMONA’S FINAL THOUGHTS: This phenomenal cigar has enticed me to further explore the Alec Bradley brand, including the original Nica Puro and the Prensado.
At a price of $8.00 per stick it is an excellent value. I recommend this cigar to everyone except those who prefer a milder smoke. I will keep my single-flame torch nearby for touch ups. Burn issues aside, it really is an alluring cigar.


Can a cigar be sexy? Yes. Can smoking a cigar be an amorous/sensual experience?


Many reviewers make statements like, “An enjoyable smoking experience” or, “A nice smoke from start to finish.” Fuck that noise. Limp statements like that do not even remotely illustrate how smoking affects me. Smoking is a sensual experience…… you must allow it to envelop your body and bring pleasure to all your senses. I like my cigars smooth, and the Nica Puro Rosado is smooth… abundant satisfaction, enough to satisfy the harshest reviewer; Ramona.


This cigar is smooth and encompasses all of my senses….


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