BACKGROUND:  As I stated a few months in my review of The Edge Habano Toro (review #2); Rocky Patel began his career as an attorney in the entertainment industry. While working with the clients he  represented, he would relax with them as they smoked between takes on the set. During that time, he was approached to invest in a friend’s cigar company and quickly became fascinated with the vast array of tobaccos and processes of creating cigars. He eventually stopped working as an attorney and has become a leading manufacturer of premium cigars. 

Rocky Patel’s company is based in Naples, Florida where his upscale cigar bar ‘Burn’ is located. A ‘Burn’ lounge is scheduled to open in Pittsburgh, PA this year. Out of all the cities in the United States, why did Rocky choose Pittsburgh? His popularity here? Future development potential? Close proximity to Heinz Field? It’s safe to assume that this location was selected because of my close proximity to the area.  Premium cigars… professional football… and Ramona.  What more could a man ask for?

: 12-year-old Honduran Broadleaf wrapper

The Vintage 1990 is a gorgeous looking cigar. The Honduran broadleaf is smooth, slightly oily, and has a soft, supple, dark
chocolate color which highlights the sexy outline of the veins.
Sometimes dark chocolate is the way to go. MMMmmm…

Binder: 7-year aged Nicaraguan
Filler: 7-year aged Dominican and Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Body: Medium-bodied; though I describe the body as rich
MSRP: $9.30
: El Paraiso, in Honduras

Vitolas: Petite Corona, Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Sixty, Churchill, Perfecto, Robusto (glass tube), Churchill (glass tube), Toro (tubo)
Smoking Time: 1 hour


BURN/DRAW/ASH: The burn line is razor sharp. Very few touch-ups are needed and it produces thick, billowing clouds of creamy smoke. As I breathe the air in the room created by this sexy cigar, the exquisite mixture of tobacco notes touches my senses. A Beautiful Cigar Touches All Of My Senses

The pack is firm, and the stick feels stiff and good in my hand. After cutting with a deep V-cut, I find that it has an effortless, easy draw. The foot toasts beautifully, and creates an immediate, enticing red glow, indicating that it is ready for me, beckoning me to fully ignite it. Ripe with anticipation, I slowly suck on it with the gloss from my moist lips. 

The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 greets me with a warm welcome, wearing nothing but 2 simple maroon rings around it’s dark chocolate, oily wrapper. From the onset I knew I was opening myself to a smooth, complex, sophisticated smoke. I lick my lips in anticipation of the firm shaft hovering near my open eager mouth. The blend is perfect for my palate; not overpowering, but perfectly balanced in complexity. The marriage of rich flavors-earthy, nutty, cocoa and coffee- linger beautifully in my mouth. The taste remains rich and smooth throughout. Remember, the most important quality that Ramona demands in a cigar; it must be smooooth…never harsh. The first-third proves to be a wonderful journey… exactly what I expect when enjoying a premium cigar.

As I move into the second-third the flavors come together to build into an even better taste composition, with layer after layer of flavor. I can almost anticipate the evolving flavor notes as I move deeper and deeper into the experience.
The retro-hale is gentle but full, and further allows me to taste the harmony of the Dominican and Nicaragua tobaccos that Rocky selected for this cigar. May I repeat myself by saying that if you are not retro-haling, you are not fully tasting any cigar.


I have chosen to pair the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 with ‘the girls’- my girls…
A truly mind blowing threesome.
For some, smoking cigars is a pleasant activity, and for some it is a lifestyle embodying sophistication, luxury and style. Whatever your level may be, let’s step it up a bit.  I read a fabulous article written by Jack Bettridge in the April issue of Cigar Aficionado Magazine, concerning how to properly fold a pocket square.
My question is this: Where are we placing those perfectly folded pocket squares? In the hood of a sweatshirt?


A lifestyle of sophistication AND the lifestyle of everyday life requires a sport coat/jacket in which to place the pocket square.
Men are constantly and instinctively hunting women. I don’t want to speak for all women, but since I am the writer of this piece then I shall say whatever I want; women like men who are well groomed and well dressed.  Is it so fucking hard to put on a suit? No tie required, a sport coat with jeans and a nice t-shirt will suffice. 
You don’t need to be rich to look nice. You can purchase a sport coat for the same price as a NFL hoodie.

How do you prefer your woman to
dress? In giant sweats and a baggy t-shirt? Or in a tight short dress and heels? Then go buy a few fucking suits and sport coats. Take it up a notch and add a damn pocket square!! Try it, see how it makes you feel about yourself and see the response you get from the ladies…   


Smoking cigars unites individuals that would not typically cross paths. Economic, political, social, and racial barriers are dissolved in a cigar lounge. I recently attended an event in Miami attended by 60 people who were EXTREMELY diverse, but everyone socialized and smoked together. I would not normally have had the opportunity to converse with 60% of the group if we were not brought together by cigars. As members of this group let’s light up and luxuriate in the fact that we are united in this special, sensual form of recreation.

Smoking is a sitting sport, so sit down… escape for a moment… don’t rush it. Take an hour for yourself and enjoy the sensuous experience of smoking. Let it touch your senses, caress and relax you. Engage in conversation with a stranger, day dream, or let your fingers dance across the keys of your laptop like I do while smoking on my little balcony.

When you’re finished, the only remaining evidence of your experience will be the thick intoxicating smoke lingering in the air, the chunks of light grey ash in the ashtray, and the sweet fantasy lingering in your mind.

I recommend that you penetrate the pace of your day with a Rocky Patel Vintage 1990. It will be time well spent.

A Beautiful Cigar Touches All Of My Senses
…Love, Ramona

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