educational section…

don’t be an idiot all of your life:

the art of blending tobacco……..

Let’s take a moment to discuss the craftsmen who masterfully create the sensual, cylindrical objects that we light, grasp, and suck upon. The process involved in creating a handmade long-fill cigar is so complex that merely reading about it boggles my little mind.
Master Blenders are true artists, as it is a meticulous process that requires a discriminating palate. The number of unique flavor and taste combinations is practically infinite….just as when two people press their lips together in a passionate kiss, an infinite number of tastes and blends come together in their moist, warm mouths.santa hat sittingEach blend is put together using a variety of tobacco leaves, creating a precise “recipe” for each cigar. Much like cooking, blending tobacco is a matter of combining different fillers with various binders and wrappers to create a specific flavor combination. The palate recognizes 4 main tastes; sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and these elements are layered until the perfect flavor is achieved. The purpose of this blending is to give an identity to the cigar, a specific taste and strength that can be reproduced over the years.

Women each have their own unique taste (and I don’t mean in handbags), but a woman can taste different on different days. Some days a woman may taste sweet; other days she may leave a salty taste on your tongue. Unlike women, the flavor of my cigar must be consistent each time it is lit. The factory must work with raw materials coming from nature, not mass-produced components from a stockroom shelf.

When I select a cigar (an Espinosa Laranja, for example), I expect it to taste the same every time. I should not be thinking about the soil conditions in Nicaragua, if the fermentation process took two weeks longer than usual, or if the sun was shining too brightly on the crops; I am expecting it to taste the same every time I bring it to my lips. Considering the complex process required to create a fine cigar from seed to end product, this is no small task, and the blender is responsible for the commercial success of the finished cigar.

tobacco seeds plantedtobacco fieldtobacco curingcigar bunching2In contrast, you can go to the grocery store and purchase
mass-produced, short-fill cigars which are machine-made
like cigarettes. This is like comparing a cheap vodka that burns your mouth and needs to be disguised in a fruity drink to a premium vodka that you can sip and savor with nothing but ice.

When I began smoking cigars three years ago, my ex-boyfriend and I used to smoke “factory throw-outs.”  Times were tough; a bundle of 20 cigars cost $19.99.  At that time I didn’t know any better, but since I’ve surrendered myself completely to premium cigars……
after allowing them to have their way with my senses……
I could never return to machine-made cigars. Ever.

Cigars bring me joy, enable me to relax, envelop my senses in a manner that a man cannot, allow me to enjoy a moment away from people; at other times they bring me together with people I would not normally hang out with. The relationship I have with my cigar is special.
It understands boundaries. It doesn’t lie to me. It provides unconditional happiness and satisfaction. I can choose a different cigar each day without worrying about hurting the feelings of the last one. And, as if that isn’t enough, it combines perfectly with my favorite food: chocolate.

At this point you should all know the most important aspect of a cigar to The Cigar Lady (and if you don’t know by now, then you will never, ever, ever know me): it must be smooooooth. If it’s not smooth, then it’s not a sensual experience because it does nottouch my senses. When you and your lover bring your warm bodies together, your bare skin touching, hearing the other person’s breath in your ear, opening your eyes just long enough to see the pleasured expression on their face below you, feeling their hands grasping yours, smelling their hot, musky scent as you explore their body, taste every inch of them as your tongue moves down to their most intimate parts…….
Now, now….. ALL of your senses are heightened.

Which means it’s the perfect time for a cigar! (Afterwards, I mean.)

Thank you, Master Blenders, for creating these remarkable cigars. They touch my senses in a multitude of ways and bring limitless pleasure to my life.

A Beautiful Cigar Touches All Of My Senses…

Love You- Ramona

6 comments on “educational section…
  1. Rafael Cruz-Munoz says:

    Well, if you do not write another one, I will have to read these over and over. But they are very exciting.


  2. Well written . Good job Ramona


    • TheCigarLady says:

      Jimmie, this will be my last “Educational Section” on my blog. The statistics show that only 3% of the people reading the blog read that section, so it is not a good use of time for me to write it. Although I love to write it, it is quite time consuming. I will keep the 3 that are already written on the blog for people to see. Love Ramona


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